To protect the health and safety of residents, staff and the general public during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic:  ALL Housing Authority for LaSalle County (HALC) lobbies are closed.

Staff are working, but all contact is now required to be by telephone, fax, postal mail or email. Housing program applications are available at our drop boxes.  Please fill them out and leave them in a drop box.

Until Further Notice: 

  • RENT PAYMENTS – Rent Payments are still due and payable:
  • Residents with ACH automatic withdrawal do not need to do anything different
  • Residents who pay by check or money order can mail their rent payment or use the drop box located outside of their management office.
  • Late fees are not being charged for 120 days, but eviction cases will resume after that time for non-payment of rent cases.
  • Partial payments will be accepted. If you are unable to pay in full due to loss of employment or income, please see the next section and contact us.
  • LOSS OF INCOME: If you are laid off from work or your employment is terminated, you must contact us IMMEDIATELY so we can recalculate your rent if you qualify for a lower rent amount.

            Call 815-434-0380 and request to speak with your caseworker in our Occupancy Department.

  • RE-EXAMS/INTERIMS: Management will mail re-examination/interim packets with instructions in writing.  You are required to mail or return the packets with the required documentation to the drop box located outside of the management office nearest to where you reside.
  • WORK ORDERS: Residents will continue to call in work orders as needed.  Maintenance staff will continue to perform emergency and essential work orders.  If a household member is experiencing any illness, please notify HALC at the time the work order is placed or as soon as the illness is detected.  If a household member is ill, the work order will be scheduled at a later time.  Staff will be wearing PPE (personal protective equipment).
  • BUILDING CLEANING: HALC employees disinfect common “touchpoints” twice a day in ALL of our high-rise buildings.  Please follow the CDC’s recommendations and help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by following social distancing rules: Do Not share elevator cars, and wash your hands often for a minimum of 20 seconds.
  • PEST MANAGEMENT & HOUSEKEEPING: Pest management treatment by Orkin and treatment for infestations will continue at this time.  Housekeeping inspections are continuing at this time.  Contractors will continue ongoing capital improvements unless you receive notice otherwise.
  • COMMON AREAS: All common area group and resident activities are cancelled.
  • VISITORS: Casual visitation and guest passes are suspended while the State of Illinois Shelter in Place rules remain in effect.  This does not apply to “Help at Home” workers, agency caseworkers or visitors assisting residents with medical needs.

If a household member is experiencing influenza (flu) and/or respiratory symptoms, or any illness, please       notify the management office immediately prior to making any direct contact with HALC staff.

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