We have received a number of phone calls regarding rent payment due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Rent is still due and payable.  HUD has placed a 120-day moratorium on evictions for non-payment.  This means the Housing Authority will not file a court case until the end of July, however, rent is still due.  Residents who are not current on their rent and paid in full at the time the moratorium is lifted will be issued a 30-day notice to vacate.  If you have lost employment or your source of income recently, please read that section below.


Payment of Rent:


  • Residents with ACH withdrawal have automatic payments and do not need to do anything different
  • Residents can mail payments to our Central Office
  • Residents can place their rent payment (Check or Money Order Only Please) in the drop box located at their management office. Please use an envelope with your name and address on it.


Loss of Employment


Just a reminder, if you have recently lost your job, had your working hours reduced, or are receiving less income as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, then please contact our ICO Department and report your change in income Immediately.  You rent may be lowered if you have reduced income, but we need you to call us and report it.

Thank you!

Housing Authority for LaSalle County

Office Locations


Central Office

526 E. Norris Dr. Box 782

Ottawa, IL 61350


Parkview Office

1810 Seneca Dr.

Ottawa, IL 61350



LaSalle Office

2222 N. Tonti St.  PO Box 1406

LaSalle, IL 61301


Streator Office

1401 N. Otter Creek Rd.

Streator, IL 61364


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