Our Communities

Learn more about our communities located throughout LaSalle County.

Housing Community Areas

To make finding homes easier, we've broken our communities into 3 regions.

Discover our Ottawa Area properties

Site Office: Parkview Homes
Address: 1810 Seneca Dr., Ottawa, IL
Phone: (815) 434-6758

Discover our LaSalle Area properties

Site Office: Centennial Courts
Address: 2222 N. Tonti St., LaSalle, IL
Phone: (815) 223-0041

Discover our Streator Area properties

Site Office: Evans Heights
Address: 1401 Otter Creek, Streator, IL
Phone: (815) 672-1513

Public Housing


"The Public Housing program provides affordable housing to over 1600 families in our community.  Stretching across LaSalle County, the HALC owns and operates more than 1000 units of affordable housing."