LaSalle Area

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LaSalle Area Housing Communities

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LaSalle, IL

  • Centennial Courts

    901 Grant St (90 Units)

  • Robert Hughett Towers

    1020-1040 Second St (156 Units)

Peru, IL

  • Phillip Mueller House

    705 Calhoun St. (59 Units)

Mendota, IL

  • Southview Manor

    100 S. Ninth Ave. (30 Units)

  • Mendota Residential Center

    701 Meadowview Dr. (48 Units)

Oglesby, IL

  • Stan Clark Homes

    410 W. Second St. (10 Units)

  • James Gallo Courts

    425 W. Walnut St. (20 Units)

Site Office

LaSalle Area

Centennial Courts

2222 N. Tonti St.
LaSalle, IL

(815) 223-0041

Public Housing


"The Public Housing program provides affordable housing to over 1600 families in our community.  Stretching across LaSalle County, the HALC owns and operates more than 1000 units of affordable housing."